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Why Choose Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinics?

Urgent Care vs Primary Care in Fremont, CA

Urgent Care vs Primary Care in Fremont, CA

Once upon a time when life was at a slower pace:

Primary care physicians used to take exclusive care of our families health. Thanks to our high tech-world, we are all on fast forward motion. We have come to expect multiple options, endless choices and alternative solutions. When a loved one is sick, we now “Google” the symptoms, “Bing” the treatment and analyze the options. All this research can be done before picking up the phone and calling the doctor.

Urgent care physicians:

Offering patients options when confronted with an illness is key to our health care and urgent care program. When your primary doctor is unavailable and the emergency room is to extreme, our team at AFC Urgent Care is a perfect solution. Making an appointment with your doctor should be convenient, user friendly and cost effective. AFC Urgent Care welcomes walk-ins and is open 7 days a week for after hours care; Monday – Friday 8am to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm. You can check in online. Plus, we have chosen price-friendly fees that help our patient’s pocketbook and are acceptable to most health insurances.

Lets not forget the good ole days:

Building a relationship with a primary care physician is still essential as your personal history is key when dealing with long-term health issues. Urgent Care physicians at AFC Urgent Care can team up with your Primary care physicians. With lightening speed, AFC Urgent Care can send a report to your doctor, informing them of your symptoms, and your diagnosis. We suggest follow up visits with your primary care physician and will consult with them on a need basis. Our team at AFC Urgent Care is your bridge to a healthy life.

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