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Bacterial Vaginosis Infections Treatment at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Fremont, CA

There are a variety of vaginal infections that all women should watch out for and work to prevent. The most common vaginal infection is known as bacterial vaginosis. Scientists do not know the exact cause, but it is related to an imbalance of bacteria found in the vagina. At AFC Urgent Care Newark, CA our physicians see a number of bacterial vaginosis cases every year and work hard to prevent and treat the infection for women. Bacterial vaginosis is not considered an STD (sexually transmitted disease), but it can lead to the contraction of STDs.

How can I avoid and prevent bacterial vaginosis?
While the actual cause of bacterial vaginosis is not well known, there are a few factors that can lead to a higher occurrence of the infection. For example, having multiple sexual partners or douching the vagina can lead to bacterial vaginosis.

What are the symptoms of the infection?
Symptoms are rare for bacterial vaginosis. If there are any, they can include discharge or itching, and sometimes a burning sensation during urination.

Is bacterial vaginosis easily cured?
The infection can go away with antibiotics, and sometimes without any treatment or medication.

If you believe you are showing symptoms of bacterial vaginosis or have questions about preventing the infection, AFC Urgent Care Newark, CA is a great walk-in urgent care clinic for your needs. We offer flexible hours and immediate care, so that you can receive great medical care on your own schedule. We look forward to helping you with your healthcare needs soon at AFC Urgent Care Newark, CA!

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